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What our students say...


My name is Carmen, I am a Mississippi native and I currently work as a Nurse for a local Home Care agency. I am always looking for ways to advance myself. I stumbled upon an Ad in the Jackson Free Press for Spanish Classes. I reacted by calling LINGOFEST Learning Center and was greeted by Israel Martinez with the course curriculum. I have always wanted to learn a second language in the past for personal and job enhancement reasons.      

Lingofest provides an excellent learning environment, with well qualified teachers. They are compassionate about their students learning the language while keeping you focused and involved. The monthly reunions are fun while giving you a taste of the Latin culture, natives, and delicious cuisine. The teachers and staff are always available when you need any assistance, resources, and encouragement.                                                                           
In essence, I highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about learning the language and putting the hours in to get the maximum benefits of the courses.                                

Carmen M. Bradley

LINGOFEST provides a very fun and relaxed environment in which to learn Spanish. There are interesting people from all ages and backgrounds in my classes.

John Hooks

 I have been taking Spanish Classes at Lingofest Language Center  for 3 months, and I feel that I have taken my Spanish to the next level. Having a native speaking teacher has been wonderful. The small group classes allow for a lot of personal attention and practice. The staff is always willing to chat, and I now consider them friends.

Deleslynn Barlow 

I have been attending Spanish classes at LINGOFEST Language Center for more than a year. Each class still seems to help my understanding to practice Spanish properly. I have obtained the confidence to actually talk total Spanish conversations. Now with Latino peers we actually talk here. The instructors are very helpful and understanding.

I never dreamed I would do this, but I did and it is great and fun. Just relax and enjoy the journey.     

W. Paul Berlin President
Owner of Roto-Rooter Plumbers

I have not studied Spanish in six years. When I saw the advertisement, I was thrilled to find a Spanish conversational class. "LINGOFEST Language Center" has met my expectations and allowed me to continue my Spanish language practice. The class is interesting, entertaining and packed full of practical information. After only one month, I am quickly regaining my conversational skills. The bright point of my week is going to class and learning the Spanish language.

If you want to learn conversation, this is the class for you.
Merrida Coxwell

I have been coming to LINGOFEST for a little over a month, and I am very impressed by the staff and their willingness to help us learn the Spanish language. I attended a language school in Mexico and their style of teaching is very similar to the approach they took with our class.

It is a very friendly laid back atmosphere, which also makes for a great learning environment. I highly recommend LINGOFEST for learning Spanish. 
Doris Booker
Professional Masseuse

The advanced classes in conversational Spanish have helped me a great deal in expanding my knowledge and my confidence in using this beautiful language.

The lessons offer vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation aids. I highly recommend this Center to anyone who is interested in learning Spanish.

Kay Federickson

First of all, this is the most challenging undertaking I've done since dental school. I have almost been consumed with learning Spanish. Sometime I think I'm doing well and like Jan just get so frustrated. If I had to rate the whole learning center it would be the best. You are a very good teacher, very demanding, and seem dedicated and passionate about your position. Sometimes, I "deseo las clases" were not "tres horas". I look forward to "las noches del miercoles", but often wish the class might be two hours. But that's OK. It is what it is! I plan to continue for however long. My nature won't let me quit something. However enough of that -great professor. You do a great job and I'm impressed with your intelligence. Gracias, que tenga buen fin de semana!

David West

At Lingofest I have found the true Spanish speaking experience. I am a retired woman, who has studied Spanish for years off and on, whenever I have had the chance.  Not until Lingofest did I find advanced Spanish available without having to enroll in a college to get it. The advanced class level offers total immersion in a Spanish speaking environment with gifted and helpful instructors.  I have heard, understood, and spoken more Spanish in two months at Lingofest than I ever have before.    

Erin Oregon

My experience thus far in beginner Spanish has been positive. The class is small, the diversity of our group adds to my comfort level and ease of learning. Monika, our instructor, is very patient with me – she makes herself available thru e-mail and cell phone – Lingofest offers frequent Fiestas (meetings with Spanish-speaking friends) to practice conversation skills with others. I am a very single-minded person…

I have difficulty forming phrases or answering questions in Spanish –
I am waiting for my “light bulb moment” when everything will “click”. Monika creates topics for conversation in class, this helps me organize my thoughts and phrases – “Practice makes Perfect!” My one suggestion would be to continue more hands-on activities with the PowerPoint lesson… possibly this would help my memory. Our class is very interesting and I look forward to every Wednesday.

Jan Gower

Even with my busy schedule, I was able to learn in class. The professors are friendly and eager to teach. The classes are diverse, and now I am more comfortable communicating with the Spanish speakers in my community.

Demitris Neyland
I would recommend LINGOFEST to anyone who is interested in learning the Spanish language. Every class is exciting and interesting, and I look forward to each one. The teachers and staff truly want you to succeed in their teaching.

Katy Barrett

I am proud that I can do more than ordering a cold beer in Spanish.
Muchas Gracias Enrique!


 My name is Henriette. I am a French Native, but a Naturalized American now, and I wanted to learn Spanish. I found a very good Spanish teacher whose name is Israel Martinez. He is professional, efficient, diligent and the way he teaches makes learning the Spanish language easy. I am very happy for the progress I have made in a short time.

I look forward to each class. If you are want to learn Spanish in a short time and a funny environment, I recommend LINGOFEST Language Center.

Henriette Fernadez

I am a 45 year-old accounting manager for a large corporation, and I began the basic level Spanish class at LINGOFEST Language Center in February. Thanks to the effectiveness of Mr. Martinez’ instructional techniques, my knowledge of the language has advanced quickly. The lessons are highly interactive and the classroom setting is comfortable and pleasant. The books and other materials used in the class are easy to understand and extremely helpful. Interaction with my classmates and with other Spanish speaking students at the center, both in the classroom and at a bi-weekly picnics coordinated by Mr. Martinez, make learning fun and effective. I am 100% satisfied with my experience and would recommend such learning center to others who wish to study the Spanish language.

Greg Price