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Adult (18yrs or older)

Children (4yr-17yrs)

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Phone: 601.460.0201

Language Level Evaluation

$ 20 USD

30 min - 1 hour meeting with an instructor to evaluate your level and help you choose the schedule and class type best suited to your needs private or group.


Prive classes, interpretation and other services

$ 1 USD

Once we give you the total price of our services, choose this option and multiply the number at the shopping cart.

Example: $768, choose 768 units and then pay



Private lessons -4 hours / week for 5 weeks

$ 900 USD

Books included! (a value of $40)


Fall semester 2016 -14 weeks, once a week

$ 686 USD

Once a week classes (2 hours each)


Fall semester 2016 -Twice a week.

$ 1330 USD

For best results, choose our twice a week lesson plan. 

2 two-hour classes per week (14 weeks) 


Half semester (7 weeks) - twice a week.

$ 665 USD


Private lessons (5 weeks) - 2 hours per week.

$ 500 USD