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Adult (18yrs or older)

Children (4yr-17yrs)

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Spanish Summer Classes

$ 498 USD

Total of 10 consecutive weeks, 2 books and Spanish audio CDs


Half Semester Tuition. Twice a week classes, 5 hours/ week

$ 630 USD

Half Semester Classes



Twice a week classes. Full Semester

$ 1260 USD

Semester tuition and materials

5 hours per week

18 weeks


Full Semester, once a week classes

$ 630 USD

Full semester tuition and free materials


Half semester, once a week classes

$ 315 USD


Language Classes for children, half semester

$ 360 USD

Total of 4 hours per week


Language classes for children full semester

$ 695 USD

Semester tuition and materials

18 weeks


Materials for Children Language Classes

$ 40 USD

Lesson book, workbook and other materials 


Prive classes, interpretation and other services

$ 1 USD

Once we give you the total price of our services, choose this option and multiply the number at the shopping cart.

Example: $768, choose 768 units and then pay



Language Level Evaluation

$ 30 USD

30 min - 1h meeting with an instructor to evaluate your level and help you choose the schedule and class type (private or group).